We offer two options for boarding your horse at Trails End, the Boarder Barn and the Premier Show Barn.  Both include

  • Stalls cleaned daily
  • Daily turn out in wood fenced pastures
  • Horses hayed/grained twice a day
  • Extra hay and water given as needed
  • Vet clinic 5 miles from farm
  • Matted grooming areas
  • Individual locker for tack
  • Electronic Security System for all tack and wash rooms

Boarder Barn Amenities

  • 10x12 stalls with interlocking mats
  • Window in every stall
  • Outdoor wash rack
  • Laundry and cleaning station

Premier Show Barn Amenities

  • 12x12 stalls with interlocking mats, grills, and yoke doors
  • Window in every stall
  • Ceiling fans
  • Wide barn aisles
  • Heated/AC lounge, bathroom, laundry, and cleaning station
  • Extra storage for tack trunks and blankets
  • Hot/cold wash stall with heat lamps

Boarding Fees

  • The monthly rate for the Boarder Barn is $600.  Optional services such as turn-out boots are charged at an additional monthly rate.
  • The monthly rate for the Show Barn is $650.  All services as such as turn-out boots and blanketing are included in this fee.  All boarders in the Show Barn are required to spend an additional$500 per month on riding lessons and/or training for their horse.